?The Writing Process Essay

The Writing Process

The writing process is known to be the step by step process to writing. There are only five steps to make the writer writing successful. The five steps are identifying the audience and purpose, prewriting or rough draft, writing, drafting, and composing step editing, and producing a final draft or publishing. It would be helpful to have a better understanding of these steps.

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Identifying the audience and purpose is the most importance step before the writer begins to write. The writer should always know what you are writing about but you have to understand what the writing is about. There are four different types of purposes for writing, to inform, persuade, and express yourself and to entertain. When the writer is a trying to inform the audience, they are presenting information. It is one of the most common writing purposes. To persuade is having a strong view on many issues, and these feelings may sometime impel you try swaying your reader. Self- expression has a place in other kinds of writing too. Everything that is written offers a chance to display a mystery of words and to enliven the prose with vivid images and fresh turns of phrase. Some writing couples entertainment with a more serious purpose. Recognizing the audience is important, it helps them to construct your writing appropriately.

The next in writing would be prewriting/ rough draft step. The writer has to plan their paper very well before they write. This will enable them to get more ideas to write. It helps plan the introduction, body, and conclusion to the paragraph. Some prewriting skills include brainstorming, listing, clustering, free writing, and journaling. Generate a list of ideas or key points you may and then go back to add details or ideas that come to the mind about the points. Free write, pull out the best ideas, and then either on the same page by inserting material or as part of different files free write about those ideas and repeat as necessary. The best skill depends on the writer.

The third step is writing, draft and composing. This step is when it’s time to sit behind the computer and type the paper. The writer will combine all the ideas in your rough draft and elaborate on them. When writing a draft, the writer will always go back and revise later, so therefore they can afford to make a mistake. During the writing stage, the writer has to be aware of the format required. For example, if the writer is writing a paper for class they will use MLA format.

The fourth step in writing is editing, this step is important. This is to help the writer correct the mistakes they made in your paper. They have spell check on Microsoft word to check wrongly spelt words. Even if the writer use spell check re-read the sentence to make sure it is formatted correctly. Mistakes are often made most of the time when they write. This would be considered normal because the mind always goes faster than the hand so we may not be able to avoid them. That is why editing is very important.

The last step in writing is producing the final draft and publishing. The writer will go through all the previous steps above, this should have less mistakes.

The writer should have now have an understanding of how to construct a paper by using the step by step process of writing.