Cause of Happiness Essay

Happiness is the thing that most of people are looking for in life. It is a mixed complicated feeling between pleasure and joy. Feeling happy is always linked with smile and it is depending on many different things that depend on how and what does a person linked the meanings or causes of happiness to, and it is different in the same person through his/her life. There are so many things that make people happy and these things are different from a person to another. One reason that we can found that makes people or specially women happy is when they give birth to her first baby.

Most women feel very happy when they see their first baby that they were carrying in their bodies for nine months. For example, when a woman gets pregnant, she will wait for nine months to see her baby and during these months she is thinking how the baby looks like, or is it a baby boy or girl and so many other things. Then when she sees the baby alive between her hands crying, she is feeling so happy because she linked the feeling of happiness to her baby when she sees it. Another reason of being happy that we can see is, in children when they get a toy or have a candy.

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Most children link playing or eating sweets with feeling of joy and happiness. For example, when a child is upset about something or crying for any reason, his/her parents try to make the child happy by giving him/her toys or sweets. The child feeling will change from upset to happy, with a big smile on his/her face. Also, the reason of being happy to most of teenagers is linked with hanging out with friends. Most of teenagers feel happy when they go out with friends to do different activities. It might be not only going out is the reason to be happy for them; it might be breaking the routine.

For example, in shopping malls, restaurants, and beaches there are a bunch of groups of teenagers laughing and smiling on their faces the all seems to be happy. People feel happy for many reasons, depending on to what do they linked happiness to, and these reasons may change in one person during his life. Most women feel happy after giving birth to their first baby. Children feel happy when they are playing with toys or eating candies and teenagers feel happy when they go out with friends. Feeling happy is what most of people looking for through their life and it is different from one to other people.