Explain the Paradox of Cool Hunting Essay

Cool hunting is simply how companies hire outside experts to “hunt for whats in” or “find the new/hip style”. They look for the trend setters (the 20%) who are sought out to influence the other 80% of the population. The paradox with that is that once it becomes a public image; they then need to find a new image. Once something new like a trend or theme is brought to sight; it becomes old and you’ll need something or someone “new”.

The mass consumer picks up on it, runs with it, and then kills it. By discovering cool it forces “cool” to move on. 2. Is the media simply reflecting the world of youth culture or is the media manufacturing youth culture in order to secure this lucrative market? Explain your answer. The answer is both. The media does reflect the world of youth culture because we are their inspiration.

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They see us and what we do and what we wear and that is put in the media on Mtv, television shows, and etc. So in a way it does reflect what we do but at the same time the media is manufacturing youth culture as well. Targeting the youth without knowledge and opening their eyes outside of their norm gives them a self image of what they want to look, dress, and act like. Real life and teen life has begun to blur in some people eyes.