Global contamination Essay

                           Global contamination

Global contamination seems like an outbreak that cannot be simply stopped. It reaches from continent to continent and considers no boundaries. It does not care either what race you came from. It is just simply a contamination through air, water, material or in any form of vehicle where it can spread easily the contamination. There are two substances which can be highly considered as two basic pollutants. These are organochlorines and perfluorochemicals. Organochlorines are produced when chlorine gas is used in industry to make papers, plastics, pesticides and thousands of other chemicals. According to Thornton’s focus of work that these pollution processes are called” Chlorine chemistry” has gradually built up in the global environment, from our own backyards to the remote rain forests in Africa, from the Hudson River to the North Pole (Columbia Biologist’s Book Offers Strategies to Reduce Global Contamination by Kelli Bozeman based on the lecture of Joe Thornton).

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The other one is perpfluorochemicals, belongs to a family of compound. This substance, Perfluorochemicals have become the focus of public health concern over the past 5 years as studies have revealed their extreme persistence and as data have emerged about their toxicity ( Now, if these two substances continued to be used either in home or workplace, there’s a rapid spread of these pollutants. That breathing a single breath of its own, the child can be of great danger from pollutants derived from both its parents as per demonstration from Columbia University Biologist. These substances can be considered as one of the factor for Low IQ and cancer. If we will continue to patronize this products

Which contain of these two substances without safety precautions to our selves it is just like stealing our own future as well as the future of our children.

1.Columbia Biologist’s Book Offers Strategies to Reduce Global    Contamination
By Kelli Bozeman


2. Our stolen future: Global contamination by Teflon-related chemicals