I Am Proud to Be Who I Am Essay

We all know that life has its ups and its downs, its highs and its lows, its rain and its shine, its summer and its winter the picture should be clear. We all have good days and we all have bad days. And sometimes, we just don’t get the recognition we deserve. Whether it’s because you keep what you do secret, or people just aren’t noticing your ways of proclaiming it, sometimes it makes the world of difference to say it out loud. Among all of my qualities and talents, I feel that diligence, responsibility and perseverance are the most important qualities to me.

These core talents helps develop who I really am. I am highly motivated, and love trying new things to help advance my skills. I have always taken an interest in the field of phycology. I am intrigued Explaining behavior less abstractly. It gives me more control over my life and even more insight with my four beautiful children. I understand that being responsible for my studies and putting my best foot forward are essential if I want to excel in this subject. It also is needed so I can support my family. I realize that if my grades did not meet my standards, it just mean that I did not try hard enough.

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I did not study hard enough. I want to be the protagonist in my own life instead of being an antagonist. My ambitions for life and an even better one for my family has kept me going. That’s not all I am proud of myself for though. My friends often compliment on the little things that make. I have a smile that is rarely taken over. I believe that a smile brightens up my day and sometimes others. I am known not to be judgmental, I stay open minded when I am being told a problem or facing one of my own. I also love to laugh. And tell jokes. Seeing other people smile is something I love to do.