Infection Control and Environmental Safety Essay

Leaflet on Infection Control & Environmental Safety Infection Control Here are a list of routes by which infections can enter the body: Mouth Ears Nose Breakages on the skin Eyes If you were to go to your work place with symptoms of a virus then it’s quite likely that you’ve got an infection. By even approaching other individuals within your workplace you are putting them at risk of infection. You are passing the infection on. However if you haven’t got any symptoms of an infection and you feel as fit as a fiddle all well and good, unless your cleanliness isn’t up to scratch…

This can cause bacteria which can then cause a virus. You should try to keep clean and healthy within a work place to keep a healthy environment. Here is the most effective ways to wash your hands: Within the workplace, whether this is a Care Home or Individual’s homes, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn. This must be worn to prevent infections from one individual to another. When in contact with a individual, gloves and aprons must be worn. If the individual is suffering from a virus then mouths can be protected with masks to.

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After caring for one individual, the PPE is then removed and appropriately thrown away before contact with anyone else. New PPE for a new person. PPE is also used for dealing with food and once again renewed if dealing with different types of food etc. Environmental Safety How to prevent and what do do in the event of: A fire-To prevent a fire staff training should be carried out with every member of staff regularly. Fire risk assessments need to be in place. In the event of a fire you would-

A Gas Leak-To prevent gas leaks, there must be regular checks on all the gas systems. In the event of a gas leak the gas needs to be turned off at the meter, naked flames need to be extinguished, open the windows and immediately ring for help such as British Gas. A Flood-To prevent floods the home or workspace must be safeguarded. For example by checking guttering is free of leaves and debris. By having flood protection equipment within the home such as flood barriers at doors and garages. In the event of a flood get to higher levels!

Move valubles upstairs or up high. Grab warm clothing, coats, boats etc. Have medication to hand if needed. Disconnect all electrical equipment as soon as possible. Co operate with the local emergency services. Intrusion-To prevent intrusions don’t open doors to strangers. Don’t let anyone inside your home or workplace unless they have a recognised name badge which clearly states who they are and who they work for. Don’t let people fool you on the phone, never give out bank details or other personal details over the phone.

In the event of intrusion ring the police. If you’re receiving phone calls at night and strange voiced phone calls regular ring the police. Changing your number can stop this. The police should be called if you suspect intrusion. Security Breach-To prevent security breach keep personal details and documents in a private place at all times. Peoples’ files should be private as they contain all information about themselves. In the event of security breaching the families and the individual must be told and then further action if required goes to the police.