It is all about Television Essay

It is practically impossible to find someone without a television nowadays. The reason for that phenomenon is simple: Watching TV is informing but also entertaining. Even in young ages children spend time in front of the television because they learn from it and it’s also fun. But is it really that important in our everyday lives? My opinion is yes. Nearly in every family at least one member switches on the television one time a day. But that’s understandable.

First of all, we have a wide variety of TV programs and they offer the viewers nearly everything and every time something fitting to your mood. Children can watch series and movies which make them laugh, learn and sing, all in all just entertain them. There are appropriate programs for every age and the TV offers the viewers a wide variety for people with individual fields of interest. But all these good sides of television bring also some disadvantages with it.

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Despite walking through the life with wide opened eyes, people spend their days after work just in front of their TV and if a child prefers watching TV instead of playing outside with other children, then something is not going right. In addition, it is important to know what your child is watching and to make sure that it is appropriate. People should not underestimate the influence TV has on its audience. In addition I have to say, that the ability to watch the news all over to world and so much more other programs in the language of one’s choice is incredible.

Indeed, surfing abroad the Internet is one source of information and fun, but to switch the television on is maybe the easiest way to get to information and entertaining. It is just convenient to sink into a chair and press a bottom to choose the media that you wish. To sum up, in my opinion television plays an important role in our everyday lives, because it is easy to use for every age and there is a wide range of TV programs which suit to your mood, however it might be. Television is and will always remain one of the most important sources of information and entertaining.