Legalize Mary J. Essay

Starting off with this very controversial topic of legalizing marijuana is sure to stir up a lot of different areas and emotions. Not only is this a huge part of some stoner’s lives but it is some of the biggest news on television right now. Different states have different thoughts, every American has different beliefs and no one will listen to both sides! Everyone knows the basic facts on legalizing marijuana but have you real considered both sides of the argument?

To begin, Marijuana is Cleary as drug as we all know because of the chemical THC that is released into the brain as you burn the herb. THC alters the way your mind thinks and act therefore classifying Marijuana as a drug. This herb has many different nicknames; Pot, Weed, Grass, Dank, Greens, Magic Grass, Devil’s lettuce, etc. the list could go on forever. You can receive criminal charges from selling or possessing this drug. Above are only the basics on pot and I am sure you know more then I might…

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Hearing both sides is a huge part of this topic from the drug users and abusers to the legal politicians. We should be able to come to a median and somehow work out a deal that benefit everyone. Doctors have different views on this topic as well, some see it being helpful. Not only can it be used to help treat pain, sleeping problems, anxiety, and eating/stomach problems and many more. I could write a whole essay on just the benefits of this all natural drug but other doctors argue the negative effects of Marijuana.

Such as cancer, lung tar, respiratory problems and metal conditions from brain cell loss. Pot has its ups and downs that both sides can argue but still no one can find an alternative. Now, from hearing both sides of the argument and hearing the negative and positive effects still leaves me stuck in the middle but if I did have to decide I would keep weed illegal and off the streets. Yes, the negative effects did convice me but I realized from personal experience.