Response Paper for Art Essay

Throughout history there have been works of art that describe the way society was functioning, who had the power and how everyday life was in general. Artists have always created works of art that mean something to them that they either have seen or recreated their own impression of the way they have seen it. Now when it comes to artist having the right to create works of art to force political, social, and philosophical beliefs, I believe they are allowed to because every person is different. People are going to believe what they feel is true to them.

When an artist makes art that shows their views on the social class, and shows who has more power, people might even disagree on what the artist created. For example: the pyramids in Egypt reflected the immense power that the pharaohs who demanded such force within the people that lived there in that time. Pg. 54) By that being said, I don’t believe that the pharaohs had much of a great power, there were enough people living in that time where there could have been defiant which have a lot more control over the way pharaoh competed things.

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I think that artist don’t have to create so many beautiful pieces to make us remember it but to make it a history instead. Making their great pieces into history can give other generations some ideas of what had happened in the past and they should stop and observe every event that might be occurring on the painting. Pieces of work that artist make should be for our enjoyment and to remember what happened in the past and in this era. An example would be Altar to the Chases High School, 1987. (pg. 59) Citations: Getlein, Mark Living With Art / Mark Getlein. -9th ed.