Smoking in Las Vegas casinos Essay

Cigarettes are dangerous weapons that slowly kill their users. Its is know that smoking is very harmful, but people in all ages, all around the world and everywhere still smoke. Nowadays smoking is allowed everywhere, even in hospitals where it is unheatly to smoke around patinest there are certain places one can go to smoke, but casions are most likely the place where everyone smokes at. Smoking is a deadly weapon that kills millions of people every year. Millions of people die every year because of it. Casinos are most likely the best example for where people smoke the most.

Smoking in general is unhealthy and bad for the health of the smokers and the people around them. Many agree that smoking should be banned in casinos due to the fact that it is unfair to the employees and the non-smoking tourist. Hard working employees, non-smoking customers and the poor children should not inhale the unhealthy and bad smoke. However, many disagree with that. Smoking should not be banned in Las Vegas casinos for several reasons. First of all, it is legal for mature adults to smoke in casinos.

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Everyone must have the freedom to do whatever they want; they should be responsible enough to know what is good or not good for them. Surely smoking is bad for the health and is harmful for both the smokers and the people around them. On the other hand, the law allows people to smoke and many people feel relaxed while smoking. Furthermore, Las Vegas casinos need to attract customers and most of the customers smoke. For Las Vegas casinos to have good income, they must come up with different and great ideas to attract all kinds of customers.

The easiest way to attract customers would be not to ban smoking in casinos because most people smoke, and people come to Las Vegas to gamble, smoke and have fun. Undoubtedly it is unfair to the non-smoking customers to have to bear with the annoying smell of cigarettes. However, with the development of technology, air-scrubbing tools have developed significantly over the years in most of the casinos so non-smoking customers will be able to have fun and not be bothered with the bad smell of cigarettes. Finally, poor innocent children who inhale the bad smoke should not be in the casinos at all.

It is the law of all the casinos of Las Vegas that adult can only be allowed in the gambling area. Therefore, Poor children should not be allowed to inter the gambling area for them not inhale the bad and dangerous smoke. Parents should be responsible enough to not bring their children to such places. places where people go to relax and have the time of their life. Many people go to casinos to gamble of course and most of all to smoke while gambeling. Smoking in general is unhealthy and it effects the smokers themselves and the people around them. For example, the employees, non-smoker tourists and even the poor children.