Spider-Man Marvel Comics Essay

Epic Heroes are amazing people they are much appreciated. Two perfect examples of epic hero’s would be Beowulf and Spiderman. They both have virtues in them they both can be honest, caring, forgiving, courageous, respectful, and kind. Beowulf and Spiderman are really brave and strong. They risk their lives for others without thinking about twice. One epic hero is Spiderman. He faces all kinds of evil. Spiderman is not afraid to confront anything or anyone. He safes people and puts his own life to risk because nothing guarantees him immorality.

The green goblin is one person who does not like Spiderman. He always tries to kill Spiderman. Spiderman and the green goblin do fight. Spiderman does not use any weapon that makes him an even better hero because he fights using’s his own hands. Spiderman uses the colors blue and red as his uniform. He uses a mask because he does not want to be identified. Spiderman wore these colors because the spider that bit him was red and blue. Spiderman is very handsome. He has pretty blue eyes and a strong face he was also light skinned with brown hair.

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Spiderman has some super powers. He had spider web come out his hand and he would hang on it. The web he would use would come out from his hand it was really powerful web it was strong and stretchable. He would use it as a rope to jump really high and from one place to another. Spiderman’s motivations were his grandparents. He would do anything for his grandmother and he loved her very much. Spiderman also loved his grandfather and he was his greatest motivations. His grandfather was killed by a man who wanted to steal his grandfather’s car.

That made Spiderman want to safe people and help fight crime. He did not want people to experience what he went through when he lost his grandfather. Spiderman got a chance to get revenge on the man who killed his grandfather. He did not take take advantage of this opportunity and that is part of his virtues. Spiderman is a forgiving man. He was very kind hearted. He was loved by all his community and admired by many as well. Just like the epic hero of Beowulf, Spiderman was just as incredible.