Technology Infrastructure Essay

(Answers to Exercise Questions in Chapter 1) For question # 1:

·         Checking for e-mail messages.

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·         Receiving new files and assignments from the supervisor.

·         Watching the weather report on television.

·         Listening to my favorite song on my mp3 player.

·         Accessing my voice mail.

·         Stopping at an intersection when the traffic light is red.

For question # 2:  In designing my own home, I would like to have internet access (both for work and leisure) therefore I would make use of a “microcomputer-to-internet” computer network (through a DSL connection ) which can then be converged with a “satellite and microwave” connection to establish a wireless connection to my personal computer/laptop. For question # 3:  Yes it follows the OSI model because the communication travels through different organization levels (or ‘layers’) as it starts from the CEO of the first company to his legal team then onto middle managers in order for the whole process to occur.  For question # 4: First is the “microcomputer-to-local network” connection from the laptop to the work place’s local area then a “local area network-to- local area network” connection to other work places. Next is a “local area network-to-metropolitan area network” connection. The web page request then goes through a “wide area network-to- wide area network” connection.

(Answers to “Thinking Outside the Box”, Chapter 1) For scenario # 4: An employee accesses the company’s files through a “terminal/ microcomputer-to-mainframe computer” connection.  A “microcomputer-to-internet connection” is used to gather pertinent information in file editing.  A “microcomputer-to-local area network” connection is used to email the file to other employees. He/she also makes use of the “personal area network-to-workstation” connection to download a personal file copy. Finally he/she uses the “local area network-to- local area network” connection to send the file to nearby offices for distribution.

(Answers to Exercise Questions in Chapter 2)

For question # 1: A signal that has 80,000 cycles per minute has a value of 1,333.33 Hertz  per second (80,000cycles/60seconds).  Because the frequency of the signal is 80,000 cycles per minute then the period is equal 1/80,000 cycles per minute.  For question # 2: The bandwidth of a signal composed of frequencies from 50Hz to 500Hz is 450Hz.

For question # 3:  For the bit pattern 11010010




Differential Manchester

Bipolar AMI

4. There will be a 1000 baud rate for a differential Manchester data transfer rate of 2000 bps.
(Answers to “Thinking Outside the Box”, Chapter 1) For scenario #1:

The data that is sent from the workstation to the Local Area Network (LAN) signal and the signals are digital as well. From the LAN to the modem, the digital data must be sent using analog signals and be converted to analog from in order to be accepted by the modem. From the modem to the database service (which is specified to be a modem and mainframe computer) the analog data will be sent via analog signals.

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