Technology on a day-to-day basis Essay

     Technology is the application of scientific information to resolve problems that we encounter on a day to day basis. One thing with technology is that it makes life easier. It can certainly alter the amount of energy expended directly by a person to do certain task. For example, simple touching a button to play music is easier that searching through a pile of records, placing a record on the record player, and carefully aligning the needle to hear music. Using a record player is easier than finding and shaping the materials needed to make a drum, flute or guitar and then learning to play it to produce music. Touching the play button on the computer is an easier way to create music than was possible one hundred years ago (Bauchspies, Croissant & Restivo, 2006)

     Well, there are so many spectacular things that have happened, so far. The changes in technology has allows us a more mobile lifestyle—camera phone, lap top, iPod.  With a camera phone, I am able to take my pictures on occasional basis, with a laptop I am able to browse while outdoor. When relaxing, I like to listen to my favorite collection from an 8GB iPod. Technology has been of great importance in my social life because I am able to hang out with my friends as we play computer games. Technologies are material products of human activity, including tools, toys, artifacts and artworks, “high” technology, as well as knowledge about how these products work and especially how to use them makes them even more enjoyable for me as a user. A good example is a fire extinguisher used to put out fire.

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     In conclusion there is a tendency in the United States and other nations with a load of “advanced” technologies to overlook “low tech” solutions. And these sometimes hinder the enjoyment of these technologies and hence I would recommend that the government invest more on infrastructure to make our lives easier.

Bauchspies, W. K., Croissant, J & Restivo, S. P. (2006). Science, technology, and society: a sociological approach. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.