Technology use timeline Essay


One of the most attention-grabbing faculties is the study of teaching and its values as one object. What is teaching and what are the values that are associated with it? Teaching has been there since time immemorial. Teaching was not dedicated to teachers only but to the entire society. Grown up members of the society had a bigger role of teaching the young in their respective communities. Today the trend has evolved whereby technologies have a bigger share in teaching and directing young people. However, teaching has been changed and revolutionalized by technological changes for many decades now. Hines (2003) says, “Looking forward from this vantage point in 2005, it staggers the imagination to contemplate where we will be in 2030, if this revolution in digital technology continues at the current pace.” Teachers are agents of change. Teachers make decisions and judgments about what their students will be and become.

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Technological Use Timeline.

Type of Learner:
Best Teaching Practices:
1. learners with disabilities
There are various disabilities but many of them need a common approach for instance, close attention whereby teacher-student approach is the best. Use of technological materials for some disabilities is applicable. Lemke & Coughlin (1998)writes, “Digital age is literally knocking at the schoolhouse door”
2.Qucik learners
Discussion groups. Whereby this group of students is given some topics to research on. Then they will present the findings in class.

Part 2.

            A discussion group is the best strategy that can be used by both groups of students. This method or strategy boosts the morale of slow learners. The slow learners feel that they can also do what others do. Another reason why it is the best is that, even students can form discussion groups without any hindrance. Davis (1993).


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