The Impact (good/bad) of technology on society Essay

The Impact (good/bad) of technology on society

I. Introduction

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Today is considered as a new age where everyone experiences the advancement of inventions and technology. The past and new inventions have played important role in one’s day to day living. These inventions help everyone to make things easier and faster. Just like using the computer. Computer is one of the technologies that we have. Young and old are using computers everyday. Because of this technology advancement, it makes our lives easier.

            Another example of the interaction of norms and material culture in advancing a technology is found in modern communications. The electronic machinery to transmit movies directly into the home via the telephone exists. But norms have not been developed to sort out how artists, suppliers, and others will be paid for their products and how their work can be protected against resale by the home consumer. Conflict over how the norms will operate is holding technological change in this case and many others.

            The purpose of this speech is to bring out the impact (good/bad) of technology on society.

II. Discussion

A. Its impact to our society

Despite of technology advancement, there are still a lot of controversies behind it. Many people think that technology has brought negative impact to our society especially to our environment and to human beings especially children who are exposed in using computers connected with internet as the medium of first hand learning however the things which the children learn are not beneficial for them due to some sites that are promoting indecent and unprofitable contents. But it’s the responsibility of the adults to watch out for the young ones and not blame all to what technology is doing for us.

On the other hand, there are irrefutable reasons why do parents at home, teachers at schools, internet cafés and libraries need to filter the websites which the children are visiting. Two of these reasons are to protect the children from being bullied by the chatters in some websites and to keep their young minds poisoned from adult content sites.

            Children are considered to be the hope of our tomorrow. They are the one who make our world beautiful and meaningful because of their presence and innocence. But are these facts still true nowadays? Or it will be just a “dream” for us now? Their characters, personalities and totality as individual first develop and mold inside the home where parents are oblige and responsible to teach their children the good values and morals and secondly is the school. But the irony for this issue is that, parents tend to forget their responsibilities as parents in supervising them, due to their hectic schedules and demands of work, especially in using the internet where children are exposed to different kinds of indecent ads. At present, children can easily access to those forbidden websites that are not supposed to be visited and viewed. Some websites they view have adult contents or promote violence especially the online games. These websites corrupt their innocence and poison their minds. They become so violent and easily indulge in sexual acts because their emotions are trigged on what they see on the internet.

            Since children cannot be monitored 24 hours a day, due to some inevitable circumstances, parents and other facilities that cater internet services should have a child proof internet so that they can monitor to which websites are children visiting and this will give them assurance that what the children viewing is not alarming but instead more on educational.

Applying the child proof internet would only indicate that parents, school personnel, internet café owners and librarians are concerned to the safety of the children and they are not neglecting their responsibilities as responsible citizens of our nation. There is nothing wrong if we apply the child proof internet instead it gives us the hope and 100 percent assurance that children are using the internet in a right and progressive ways.

On contrary, I strongly believe that computer has brought good effects to our society and to our economy as well. As I have noticed that through the use of computers, business transactions are run efficiently. This technology has a lot of advantages compared to its disadvantages if this is properly used. I used to hear from the old folks that this generation is so much blessed to experience such amazing technology. Like the computer. It’s a known fact that a computer nowadays is more effective and efficient if it is connected with the internet. A lot of stuff can be done like researching, making friends online and doing some business deals internationally by just one click. In simplest terms, a computer is a high-speed mathematician, a high speed file clerk, and high speed typist. It can perform many thousands of times more rapidly than humans, and if properly operated, without error (Bailey, 2003). Its many uses grow out of these characteristics Before, as I remember, when internet is not yet that popular the only thing I can do to my computer is encode and make some data for my school projects. I did not have the opportunity to widen my horizon. But as time passes, internet becomes a trend in the computer world. This opportunity gives me the chance to explore things which I have not done in the past. I have the chance to shop online, receive and send funds through the use of internet banking, chat with my old friends who are now in other countries and write some emails. Through the internet, I can also do my researches and need not to go to national libraries anymore just do dig up huge books; thus, I can also listen to the latest updates in terms of music and news around the world. However, I know some individuals who use the computers not in a right and a very offensive ways. As I have read in the news on the internet, there are some people uses this technology for pornography and a lot of fraud websites ready to victimize users that are not vigilant enough. Another problem in this technology is the identity thieves. They hack computers and steal others’ identity for their sake.

III. Conclusion

As a conclusion, computer is one of the technologies that are widely used at present. Everywhere you go, you can almost see every house having computers as means of communication. This technology should not be used negatively because it might create trouble not just to us but to our society as well. If this is used effectively and efficiently, it will bring success and improvement to our daily living in terms of work and communication.


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